February 22, 2011

Learn@Lunch: Business Growth Fundamentals

Tuesday, March 8th - 11:30 to 1:00 - Ennovation Center

Business growth is a tricky thing.  You must have a quality product that people want or need along with the marketing and sales capabilities to drive that demand through your pipeline.  However even with a healthy pipeline and a lot of opportunities, many businesses get stuck when it comes to dynamically growing their business and reaching new heights.  There are several key factors that can hold you back, including Money, People and Strategy - if any of those are off, you're likely not going to grow and in fact your business could be at risk!
In this 90 minute workshop, we’ll help you look at your business in a different way and get you focused on the fundamentals that can really unlock the potential in your business - not only for growth, but also freedom from long hours and burnout.  The workshop is presented by Shawn Kinkade,
owner of Aspire Business Development, a Kansas City based business coaching and consulting firm that sells clarity, focus and momentum to business owners who are ready to make something happen.  Cost is $25 per person and includes lunch.

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