February 2, 2012

EDC President to Drive Chevy Volt in Market Test for Cable Dahmer Chevrolet

Cable-Dahmer Chevrolet of Independence Missouri announced today that over the next 4 to 6 weeks individuals within the Greater Independence and Kansas City Community will be offered the opportunity to test drive the new Chevy Volt, Chevrolet’s new Electric Vehicle Hybrid. 
 This coincides with Cable-Dahmer’s recent decision to conduct a City wide market test by offering individuals throughout the community the opportunity to drive the new Chevy Volt for one to two weeks.  It is Cable Dahmer’s hope to gain feedback from individuals within the community concerning their view on the quality, practicality, and ease of operation, of the new Volt.
The focus will be on determining how many people within the test market would consider the new Volt as a viable option to replace their current primary vehicle, and what if any draw backs in their view, might exist.  Current market test results from other parts of the country have been very positive and the Volt has already been put into production.
Media is invited for the Launch of this Volt Test Program this Friday, February 3rd, as three New Chevy Volts will be handed over to Mr. Paul Mahlberg , Deputy Director of Independence Power and Light, and Mr. Tom Lesnak, President of the Independence Economic Development Council, and Aaron Brown from the Clean City Coalition.
The location for the launch will be at Cable-Dahmer Chevrolet located at 1834 S. Noland Rd in Independence, Missouri at 3:30 PM.  For questions contact Mr. Stan Adkins, Cable-Dahmer Business Development Coordinator at (816) 462-3471, or email: sadkins@cabaledahmer.com